This story is a small part of my journey. Thank you for choosing to be a part of it, hopefully I can be an impactful part of yours too..

I believe that experience is the best teacher and ultimate authority! I came to Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) as a last resort, the way many people do. I suffered for 20 years with debilitating and disempowering panic and anxiety attacks. Western doctors wanted to fill my body with prescription drugs as the solution. The meds prescribed had me feeling like a zombie. I felt numb to the world which was having a very negative impact on my life and my relationships. After taking prescribed medications for 15+ years it was clear to me that this band-aid was exactly that. A band-aid. Doctors were content with telling me that I would be on these medications for the remainder of my life with zero regard for the affects they were having on my body. I felt like I was caught between a rock and a hard place. My choices were to live life as a zombie on prescription meds or wean myself off the medications and deal with the repercussions which I knew all too well. I lost total faith in what Western medicine had to offer. I had reached my last straw. Desperate for help daily while going through a divorce, I found myself divinely guided to Donna Eden’s website. Little did I know this would change the course of my life in a way I could never have anticipated….filled with panic and anxiety, I made a phone call and enrolled myself in a class which, at that time, was the most frightening thing in the world! I was simultaneously putting myself into a position I knew would trigger my anxiety and yet felt so firmly it would be the answer to my prayers. The class consisted of an extended weekend…three and a half days in a small space with 12 other people I had never met. Social anxiety was my arch-nemesis. My history included several circumstances in which my panic attacks were so acute that I completely blacked out and fainted in public. Not only did I risk injury from this, but it was unbelievably humiliating and terrifying. It only served to exacerbate things, and eventually, I found myself making excuses not to leave the house. I was in a downward spiral that had seemingly no end…..until I found Eden Energy Medicine!

Following the last day of the weekend class, I approached my teacher and we had a conversation about my problem. Not only was she confident that this work would help mitigate my attacks, she also gave me the hope and confidence that I could eventually wean myself off of all my meds and never look back! I am proud to say that I was extremely determined, and with monthly sessions, I was off all medication within 18 months. I diligently and daily did my energy work, and the results spoke for themselves! I have had one very minor panic attack since 2014, which came about four years after I started using EEM. I will say the best thing about this work is that I have the tools to manage my anxiety daily and anything life throws at me! Talk about empowered healing!!!!

I encourage you to stay hopeful….the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. Strengthening the energy systems is a step closer to that goal. Welcome to Empowered Healing!


Hi, I'm Donna


• Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner
• Usui Reiki Level 2
• Equine Structural Integration