Equine Structural Integration

Equine Structural Integration is a well-proven modality comprising a series of methodical and intuitive deep tissue and fascial release movements that work to improve the horse’s structural integrity and flexibility.
Similar to deep tissue massage and rolfing, Equine Structural integration is a very deep release of adhesions in the muscular and fascial systems which help free up the body, relieve pain, and aid in healing by addressing core issues, injuries, traumas, and scar tissue. Additionally it brings more blood flow to injured regions resulting in faster healing times.
This powerful technique when combined with energy work like Eden Energy Medicine and Reiki, bridges the physical body with the energetic body through the re-education and re-patterning of the fascial, muscular, and energetic systemshelping the horse regain a joyful, energy building experience in movement. When called for, these modalities can be combined with  Laser Light Therapy to provide an all-encompassing approach to an array of chronic and acute equine conditions.
All sessions are specifically tailored
to the individual specific needs of each horse through an initial intake and thorough evaluation.
Want to be better together? Whether you are competing at a high level, aiming for that, or you simply want to have a more pleasurable riding experience, it all starts with balanced energies…yours and your horse’s! Call or message to learn more about my horse and rider package and how you can be better together!

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