My Journey

I, like many of my colleagues and acquaintances in the healing arts, came upon this work out of necessity and a growing disillusion with western medicine. I was in search of an alternative to medications and a more natural path to health and wellbeing. I was convinced there was another way and spent many years determined to find it. My diligence paid off when I found Eden Energy Medicine. My experience was so profound that I decided to make it my life’s endeavor to share this unique approach to wellness with as many people as possible!

Shortly after stumbling on this transformational work in 2014, I enrolled in the Eden Energy Medicine certification program to learn from renowned energy healer Donna Eden who has been applauded by many famous influencers in both the eastern and western medicine worlds including Dr. Oz, Mind Valley creator Vishen Lakhiani, Jean Houston, and more!

I have since expanded my knowledge and training in ways that also allow me to share another passion of mine which is animals. In addition to being an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, I also hold certifications in Eden Energy Medicine for Animals, Reiki for both animals and people, Large Animal Massage Therapy, Equine Deep Tissue and Fascial Release, High Power Laser Therapy for people and animals, and Crystal Healing.
My greatest joy is helping and empowering others by teaching them how they too can take their healing journey and those of their animals literally into their own hands.
Energy is everything! When you transform your energy, you can transform your life!