Equine Reiki

Horses love Energy Medicine and Reiki! They are inherently sensitive energetic beings who understand its nature. Energy based healing is a new and special way to deepen our interspecies bond and horses especially appreciate connecting with humans energetically. These modalities also have an irresistibly relaxing nature that feels good to them. Equine energy work is a noninvasive calming way to approach healing on all levels.
Energy healing for horses helps to relieve a variety of conditions from behavioral, such as anxiety or mistrust; to physical ones, including chronic pain and acute trauma and injury. It’s a holistic approach; it not only addresses the physical body but the spiritual, emotional and mental health of the horse, as well.
Equine Structural integration is a very deep release of adhesions in the muscular and fascial systems which help free up the body, relieve pain, and aid in healing by addressing core issues, injuries, and traumas, and scar tissue. Additionally it brings more blood flow to injured regions resulting in faster healing times.  
Equine laser therapy is highly effective in treating areas of acute and chronic trauma as well as open wound healing. It has been scientifically proven to reduce pain and inflammation while stimulating cell growth and increasing blood flow for unsurpassed healing. 
All treatment types can be used individually or combined to create a personalized healing plan specifically tailored to your horse or choose the horse and rider program which is perfect for peak performance and competitions where it can help to ease pre-event tensions and nervousness.